The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm and Detection System

13 April 2021 in Commercial

The Benefits of a Commercial Fire Alarm and Detection System


A smoke detection unit is one of the best fire protection/prevention equipment one can have. The equipment works as an alarm system that sounds when smoke is detected. Irrespective of how big or small your business is it is crucial that your building possess a fire alarm system.

The stringent safety codes of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that cover everything on how the fire alarms signal danger as to what kind of chemicals and additives can be used in an extinguishing system and so on. The fire laws are nationally mandated but locally enforced. It is often a requirement for the insurance companies that you comply by these standards. It can be very frustrating complying to the regulations however, getting in the right professionals helps ease the stress and ensures the system is properly installed.

Safety Benefits

The main advantage and function of a fire alarm system is to ensure ultimate safety. They help warn and keep people safe and reduce the amount of destruction to a building.

  • Life Safety

This is probably the major reason as to why a business will install a fire detection system. A high quality and advanced fire detection and alarm system will be able to warn the employees of a building that they need to get out of the building when a fire is starting and where the fire is in the building.

  • Property Safety

Fire detection systems increase response times, as they are able to alert the correct people in order to extinguish the fire. This thus reduces the amount of damage to the property. Fire detection systems can be connected to sprinklers that will automatically respond when a fire is detected.

Quicker Response Times

The smoke detector system will be connected to a loud alarm system that will be set off when a fire has been detected. This will then alert the people in the building to exit and it will also alert the service provider who will then alert the emergency services. As a result, fire fighters will be immediately dispatched to the business the moment a fire is detected by the system.


Minimisation of Costs

It may not look like it at first with the initial up front investment that can be substantial, however, over the long run a well maintained and tested commercial fire detection system can lower your insurance cost thus lowering your overhead cost and one will not face fines during their inspections for not have a sufficient system in place.


Integration of Systems

There are some instances that some buildings require access control systems. This advanced fire detection system is beneficial when these systems are interconnected. When these systems are integrated the fire detection system can disable the access control system and thus enabling people to exit the building faster and safer.


Minimisation of Unnecessary Business Interruptions

There can be a problem when a business has a faulty fire alarm system that can be set off when there is no fire present and therefore causing interruptions of the business and resulting in being costly to the company. With a high quality, well installed and well maintained fire detection system this minimises or even erases the unnecessary business interruptions.


Self Monitoring System

One of the benefits is that no human intervention is needed and this is because the fire detection system uses sensors to detect smoke. With no human monitoring needed this gives the benefit the system of providing a warning that there is a fire even though there might be no one in the building.

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