Vehicular fires present many risks – risks to equipment, drivers and transported goods, materials and people.

A vehicle fire suppression system is essential for heavy-duty vehicles and others that operate under high temperatures and in harsh or off-road conditions.

In an enclosed environment, a small fire can quickly grow to engulf the entire vehicle without an adequate, functioning fire suppression system in place.

Learn more about what a vehicle fire suppression system is, the different types, and why your system needs to be serviced regularly.

We provide installation and servicing of firefighting equipment as well as monthly inspections according to safety codes and regulations. 

A typical vehicle fire suppression system consists of:
Spot sensors designed to detect any outbreak of fire

A control panel and alarm system that alerts the operator about the outbreak of a fire

Actuators that discharge either automatically or manually, depending on the system

Tanks containing the fire fighting agent

A network of tubes, hoses and nozzles that distribute the fire suppressant to high-risk areas of the vehicle’s internal components

 What types of vehicle fire suppression systems are available?

Vehicle fire suppression systems are designed to combat different classes of fire. The three main types of fire suppression system are wet, dry, and dual systems

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