An electrical fault leading to a fire starting behind cabinet doors could be ‘game over’ for expensive and difficult to replace equipment.

In-cabinet fire suppression systems and services avoid costly damage. Although fire safety regulations require premises to have portable firefighting equipment, when it comes to cabinets, fire safety is less regulated. Yet this doesn’t mean you should skimp on fire safety.

Learn more about what an in-cabinet fire suppression system is and why you need to use registered technicians to service in-cabinet solutions to ensure optimal function and fire safety.

With over fifty years in the fire safety and protection industry, ERF Group offers the experience and understanding necessary to ensure your cabinets and facilities are fully protected. 

Suppression systems we supply and maintain include:

Ensure you have effective in-cabinet fire prevention providing the highest level of protection. Effective equipment regularly maintained provides peace of mind.

 Gas fire suppression systems

Automatic water and water/foam suppression

Automatic dry chemical powder suppression systems

Systems for kitchens, cars and electrical cabinets

 What is an in-cabinet fire suppression system?

An in-cabinet fire suppression system is installed within an enclosed space such as an electrical switchboard cabinet or inside machinery cabinet enclosures to ensure that in the event of fire, sensitive equipment has good protection against damage.

A cabinet system does not require electricity to operate, providing fire protection regardless of whether or not your facilities have power in the event of an emergency or electrical incident. 

There are three main kinds of in-cabinet fire prevention tech – standalone systems, pre-engineered systems, and engineered systems. Learn more about each of these fire safety solutions below.