Timely alerts save property and lives.

Early fire detection makes the difference between putting fires out and fighting their spread. When you have early warnings, you have proactive protection you that allows swift response. 

Learn more about different fire suppression system options and how ERF Group can protect your premises with fire detection and suppression solutions. 

What is a fire detection system?

A fire detection system is a series of electronic sensors and alarms that can detect signs of fire (smoke and/or heat) and set off alarms automatically. The four main types of smoke detectors are heat-based or thermal detectors, optical detectors, photoelectric and ionisation/photoelectric. ​


Our system designers are registered professionals who have the necessary knowledge and accreditation to design a system that is configured to fit your exact needs. 

What fire detection and suppression systems do we service? 

At ERF Group we supply, install and service a broad range of fire solutions, including:

Why is a fire detection system important?

Because fire spreads so fast, especially in dry conditions or commercial environments housing flammable goods, every minute counts. An early detection system gives you a stronger chance of suppressing fires before they get out of control and damage is more extensive.

Relying on human detection means that a fire may already have caught a strong hold by the time it is found. This is especially problematic in facilities where people sleep (such as hospitals) as this is an extra hazard for late detection.

After the catastrophic fire at Charlotte Maxeke hospital, the South African Bureau of Standards updated its guidelines and recommendations for fire detection and alarm systems to ensure that there is a national set of guidelines and rules. Automatic fire detection is required in commercial buildings where people sleep such as hospitals, making South Africa’s fire safety regulations comparable to the UK and Europe. 

A reliable, well-maintained fire suppression system is thus important for ensuring your facilities have world-class fire safety.

A fire detection system is also important for keeping up to date with building safety and fire safety regulations.