Are you doing enough to protect your commercial property and other premises from the potential hazards of a fire that could present a significant risk to your business and your employees?

Portable fire solutions are essential for maintaining and upholding safety standards and having the right portable fire fighting equipment on hand can be the difference between the devastation caused by a full scale fire or a minor incident.

Fire fighting equipment such as portable fire extinguishers need to be light enough to carry or be wheeled for mobility so that fires may be put out fast wherever they occur. Portable fire fighting equipment that is well-maintained and easy to operate minimizes risk to property or life in the event of a spill, accident or other fire-causing.

Portable fire fighting equipment needs to be serviced monthly or annually (depending on the equipment) as this ensures it is functioning optimally. If a fire should break out, you need extinguishers that are charged, calibrated, and ready to go. 

ERF Group’s solutions and portable fire services ensure you have reliable equipment providing total protection and offer the best solutions to real world problems by certified experts.

Reliable, durable fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are divided into categories or classes depending on which scenarios it is safe and appropriate to use them in. We supply fire extinguishers suited for all classes of fires including:

Class A: ‘Ordinary’ fires such as burning paper and wood
Class B: Fires involving liquids and gases
Class C: Electrical fires causes by malfunctioning (or damage to) electrical equipment
Class D: Fires that involve combustible metals (a typical risk in the mining sector)
Class K: Fires that involve hot grease or cooking oils that burn at higher temperatures

A class A fire extinguisher typically uses dry powder to produce foam and a dry nitrogen propellant. The powder contains ammonium phosphate (MAP) as well as silicates and filler material. This is also known as a DCP fire extinguisher (for ‘dry chemical powder’). We also supply heavy-duty stainless steel and specialised extinguishers for complete fire safety across a range of industries – see all our extinguisher products that meet SANS 1475 and other standards.
Mobile Fire Trolleys

Mobile fire trolleys for Bulk Fire Fighting Capacity

We also supply and maintain larger fire trolleys that provide bulk fire fighting capacity. A 25kg or 50kg unit provides extended reach when fighting fires in harder-to-access places. In constantly changing environs such as construction sites and at outdoor events, trolley units may be repositioned so that fire safety equipment is always within reach.

fire sign

Signage for portable fire solutions

Your portable fire solutions need to be quick to locate. Safety regulations require not only functioning, regularly serviced fire safety equipment but adequate signage. We supply signage that will ensure lifesaving, property-guarding equipment is signposted well. Ensure that vital equipment is quick to find in the event of emergency.


Service plans for portable fire fighting equipment

When you need accredited engineers who can service portable fire solutions and make sure that they function as expected, ERF Group will help.

We offer both monthly and annual service plans and can tailor a maintenance schedule to your premises’ needs.