Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems cater in fire safety.

Commercial kitchens are naturally hazardous environments. Hot fats and oils and the high temperatures that these environments operate under pose a significant fire risk.

This is why restaurants, cafés, canteens and other food preparation facilities need commercial kitchen fire suppression systems that can detect smoke or excessive heat and extinguish fires fast.

Learn more about kitchen fire solutions, compliance and inspection, and the benefits of installing a comprehensive system to protect food preparation facilities. 

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems

The benefit of a fit-to-purpose kitchen suppression system is greater fire safety in an environment that is highly prone to fires due to the use of high temperatures and how busy commercial kitchens get – a recipe for accidents. 

Further benefits of installing a fire suppression system in a commercial kitchen:
Portable fire extinguishers are divided into categories or classes depending on which scenarios it is safe and appropriate to use them in. We supply fire extinguishers suited for all classes of fires including:

A high-functioning fire safety system ensures staff safety in the event of an accident
Suppression systems stop fires from spreading to other areas (such as dining areas that may have extensive flammable materials such as wood or carpeting)
Greater customer safety when a functioning kitchen fire prevention system is installed
Less damage to kitchen appliances and other equipment in the event of fire

No kitchen can be completely safeguarded against accidents (for example, fat deposits inside extraction devices may ignite at high temperatures). Besides regular, proper cleaning, kitchen fire suppression systems provide an additional line of defence.

Additional fire fighting equipment such as fire blankets may be kept close at hand to ensure that kitchen staff and other personnel have every possible defence against a rogue fire.