In warehousing and storage where produce or equipment is stored on racks and often moved using mechanical equipment, it can be tricky for personnel to get to fires when they break out.

 In-rack fire sprinkler systems make it simpler to respond fast at the first detection of smoke or other signs of fire. 

Learn more about fire sprinkler rack systems, the benefits of installing in-rack sprinklers, and how rack-located fire suppression systems work. 

In Rack Sprinklers Systems for tiered storage warehouses

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What are the benefits of a fire sprinkler rack system?

Fire sprinkler rack systems have the edge in storage facilities in that you can respond faster to fires precisely where they break out.

Advantages of a rack-installed fire fighting solution include:

 What types of in-rack fire sprinkler are there?

Several kinds of in-rack fire suppression provide protection for storage facilities. These include:

We can provide a full system design and installation with pre-approval, which means faster turnaround and installation, and less downtime or disruption to your facilities.