ERF Group was established in 1971, with over 50 years of experience in the firefighting industry, we offer reliable advice, great service and high-quality products for all your firefighting equipment and safety needs across Gauteng.

Our key focus at ERF Group is the sourcing and supplying of the best possible fire solutions for our clients.

• We offer free, no obligation quotations • Reliable and trustworthy advice • Installation of new firefighting equipment • Servicing of existing firefighting equipment & refilling of extinguishers • Monthly inspections of equipment • Hydro Testing of all seamless steel and aluminium cylinders

All servicing and installations are strictly done in accordance with the municipal by-laws, national building regulations and SABS Codes of good practice.

Portable Fire Solutions

Portable fire products & servicing that are all fully endorsed by the local SAQCC, British Standards Institution (BSI) and full SANS 10400 safety compliance.

Sprinkler Systems

Fully accredited with NFPA and ASIB, the fire sprinkler racking system is modular which provides flexibility to our clients to expand, move or relocate.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

A hydrostatic pressure test checks that your portable fire fighting equipment is structurally sound externally and internally.

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Complete protection and compliance accredited with SAQCC D&GS to design, install and maintain all types of fire detection and gas suppression systems.

Commercial Kitchen Systems

Kitchen fire solutions, compliance and inspection, and the benefits of installing a comprehensive system to protect food preparation facilities.

Maintenance & Systems Overhaul

A fire sprinkler system must be reliable, kicking in fast in the event of a fire breaking out or when its early warning signs trigger fire alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions range from what is the best fire extinguisher to use for a certain situation to how regularly we can assist with fire servicing. Contact us below for more information.

Fire equipment should be serviced every 12 months (yearly) by a registered company . Products are serviced by a BSI or SABS approved Company and SAQCC registered technician – the technicians registration number should be indicated on the service label. (you can check the service technician or companies on the following website: