Keeping your premises safe against fire safety hazards works best when you have protection on many fronts.

Portable extinguishers provide one kind of defence. A roof fire sprinkler system is  an effective way to deliver large volumes of water to a wide area, fast.

In the event of a fire breaking out, a fire sprinkler ceiling system is able to spray a controlled amount of water quickly to minimise damage and danger.



Whether your system is one designed and installed by us or you need work on a previous installation, ERF Group can maintain and service your system to the highest safety standards. Contact us today to book your assessment.

 Fire sprinkler systems and maintenance you can trust

Regular maintenance and inspection of fire sprinkler ceiling systems

Regular maintenance per the timelines above will ensure that your fire sprinkler ceiling installation is functioning optimally and ready to respond in an emergency. It’s also legally required that sprinkler systems pass safety standards. Failing a surprise safety inspection may be almost as damaging as a fire itself. Don’t run that risk and ensure you comply with fire safety regulations