Fire sprinkler systems: Maintenance and repair for reliable protection

A fire sprinkler system must be reliable, kicking in fast in the event of a fire breaking out and triggering fire alarms. The faster a fire is discovered, the less damage there is.

Fire sprinkler systems contain many parts (control valves, storage tanks, piping) and the entire system is only as strong as its weakest point. Regular fire sprinkler servicing is crucial for ensuring fire safety and making sure that your premises meet building safety regulations.

Need a fire suppression sprinkler system overhaul or servicing plan for a commercial facility or residential space? 

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What is the scope of a typical fire sprinkler overhaul?

A good fire sprinkler system using epoxy-coated components may last for the life of your building, but this depends on the system being serviced frequently enough for each individual part to contribute to the integrity and reliability of the whole.


Emergency sprinkler system repair demands swift response.

In the event of an emergency (such as a leak being sprung that could cause stock damage), you need a sprinkler repair service that offers fast turnaround time. 

Routine servicing should also offer fast turnaround so that inspection and maintenance is minimally disruptive to your premises and ‘business as usual’. 

If you move to premises that have a legacy fire sprinkler system installed, thorough inspection will proactively identify any risks from worn or damaged parts so that you can overhaul the system safely well in advance of any emergency or begin a routine maintenance plan that will keep everything working optimally.

Fire sprinkler installations for small/minor works

Smaller buildings such as homes and separate commercial facilities such as shops and doctors’ rooms may also require fire sprinklers.

The key difference between commercial and residential installations is the quantity of water supply available and used. Because residential buildings and freestanding homes have smaller water supplies than large-scale commercial or industrial complexes, residential systems are often designed to trigger earlier upon detection of a potential fire.

Concealed fire sprinkler heads are often preferred in residential property installations since they do not disrupt decorative elements and keep ceilings looking neater.

ERF Group services and repairs sprinkler systems for small works alongside larger, industrial-scale systems.