Pressure: It’s key for keeping fire extinguishers protecting your premises functioning optimally. 

A hydrostatic pressure test checks that your portable fire fighting equipment is structurally sound externally and internally.

This testing is performed by an accredited professional who is experienced in servicing fire extinguishers and knows what to look for at each stage of inspection and how to follow up on fire extinguisher test findings.

Learn more about why you need to schedule a hydrostatic test for all extinguishers on your premises regularly to ensure that your property, personnel and/or patrons are fully protected. 

When you use ERF Group for hydrostatic pressure test services, you get over 50 years’ experience in the business and the service of CO2 specialists.

How does a typical hydrostatic test process work? 

If you are uncertain when you need to have fire extinguishers on your premises tested, ERF Group can assess your facility to determine what types of extinguishers you have and recommend a service plan that will take into account any specialized extinguishers that may have their own recommended recharging and hydrotesting frequency.