Testing and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

9 February 2023 in Building, Commercial

Testing and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire protection sprinkler system with red pipes is placed to hanging from the ceiling

Fire sprinkler systems require regular testing and maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly and ready to operate in case of a fire emergency.


  • Monthly tests of individual sprinkler heads
  • Annual flow tests to check the water supply and pressure
  • 20-year internal inspections of sprinkler piping
  • Weekly and Monthly tests of the fire alarm system and control valves


  • Keeping sprinkler heads free of debris and paint
  • Regularly checking and maintaining the fire pump
  • Replacing damaged or worn components
  • Keeping accurate maintenance records

It is important to have a licensed fire protection contractor perform these tests and maintenance procedures to ensure the system meets relevant codes and standards.

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