Vehicular Fire Suppression Systems for Diesel and Electrical Fire Safety

24 July 2023 in Construction, Fire Protection

Vehicular Fire Suppression Systems for Diesel and Electrical Fire Safety

vehicular fire suppression systems and safety

Diesel and electrical vehicle fires are dangerous due to highly flammable fuels and explosion risks. ERF is a preferred distributor and installer of vehicular fire suppression systems. These fully automatic systems are tailor-made for on-board fire safety for these vehicles. Learn more about these diesel and electrical fire safety solutions. Discover how to protect your fleet.

What is a combination diesel and electrical fire suppression system?

A vehicular combination fire suppression system works in two stages. First, dry chemical powder produces a dramatic fire ‘knockdown’ effect that extinguishes class A, B and C fires. This works fast, extinguishing fires before excessive heat has a chance to build. 

Dry powder suppressant used in the primary system is effective on flammable and combustible liquids and gasses. It also is effective against electrical hazards. 

After the dry powder releases comes a cooling foam that provides a dramatic cooling effect. This back-up system uses cooling AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming) foam, stopping flammable liquids from reigniting. Concentrated AFFF foam is light, with oleophobic properties that ensure a barrier forms, cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply. 

This creates a floating blanket over flammable and combustible components.

A combination system is now a must, as a primary system isn’t enough to ensure vehicular fires do not reignite. It puts fires out and keeps them out, protecting mining assets such as off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, Load and haul (LH) dumps, drill rigs and locomotives. 

What are the advantages of vehicular fire suppression systems? 

There are several reasons to use vehicular fire suppression systems, distributed and installed by ERF, to keep vehicular mining assets safe:

Fully mechanical automation in fire suppression beats unreliable energy

Our combination vehicular fire suppression systems are fully automated. This means that system functionality does not depend on available energy to extinguish fires reliably. A distinct advantage on the African Continent. Contact us for more info on our manual-only vehicular fire suppression systems as an option.

Locally manufactured and serviced means shorter lead times to fire protection

International equivalents to the vehicular fire suppression systems are much more expensive. When you install a system that is locally designed and manufactured for South African conditions and serviced by ERF, you cut lead times for installation and servicing dramatically.

Stainless steel vehicle fire suppression systems offer higher endurance

One of the hazards of wet, saline, or otherwise harsh environments is corrosion. Rugged terrains and industrial applications require fire safety systems that are built to survive the elements.
Our vehicular fire suppression systems use stainless steel control valves and operational components. There are also specialist suppression systems that use a stainless steel main cylinder, for marine and other applications presenting higher risk of corrosion.

Reduced fire suppression system weight

Fire suppression systems for vehicles used in mining need systems that are lightweight and do not slow down or otherwise impede the performance of heavy, all-terrain vehicles.
These combination fire suppression systems are lightweight thanks to innovative improvements in design.

Pre-programmable time delay for activating fire suppression

Because of the ways industrial vehicles vary in design and what combustible or flammable materials are present, it is advisable to install a programmable or customizable system.
Our diesel and electrical vehicle fire safety systems are programmable. The system may activate after a set delay, so that suppressant releases at just the right moment for effective fire control.

Extensive experience in vehicular fire suppression

ERF has over 50 years of experience in the industry to install your new vehicular fire suppression systems and equipment. This wealth of experience has enabled the systems’ producers to iterate and improve on designs, ensuring fire safety solutions that are reliable as well as cost-effective.

What certifications do these fire suppression systems carry?

Our on-board fire suppression systems use a heat sensitive continuous linear fire detection tube. This device conforms to Recommendations 121 and 122 by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).
The pressure vessel system component (the storage cylinder) is fully certified to RSA-CIF-81. This means that the storage cylinder meets ISO standards for welding that ensure safer storage and more reliable operation.

Where are these diesel and electrical vehicle fire suppression systems available?

These diesel and electrical fire suppression systems are the most reliable automatic on-board vehicle fire suppression systems available in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are used in coal and diamond mining operations (for example, in Anglo Coal Mines’ underground vehicle fleet) and in tunnel boring applications for Gautrain track construction and in mining projects abroad.
Do you need diesel and electrical on-board fire suppression systems to protect your fleet? Or do you need regular servicing of on-board fire safety systems? Contact ERF Group today.

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