Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers


A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (CO2 extinguisher) displaces the oxygen around the fire using non-flammable carbon dioxide gas. It thus is effective at suppressing a fire quickly. 

This type of CO2 fire extinguisher in operation is colorless, odourless and is not electrically conductive, while also leaving no residue. The carbon dioxide is typically housed in aluminium or light alloy.

Unlike water and foam fire extinguishers, CO2 Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers do not have a cooling effect.

They should not be used on Class A fires (flammable solids) as they may spread the fire. Instead, they are typically suitable for Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C fires (energised electrical). 

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers


We supply a variety of different sized carbon dioxide fire extinguishers (CO2 extinguisher). A CO2 Fire extinguisher will displace the oxygen around the fire using non-flammable carbon dioxide gas, making them highly effective at suppressing a fire quickly. Our company is proud to be a supplier of Centa fire extinguishers and fire service products with BBBEE Accreditations.

Make sure to read our blog on When to use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance

It is a requirement of the OSH Act that all CO2 fire extinguishers must be maintained regularly and in accordance with the Manufacturers specifications as well as SANS 1475.

CO2 Fire extinguishers Inspections

To ascertain that the CO2 fire extinguisher is functioning you will need to check that the discharge hose and horn are not obstructed, then you should weigh the unit to ensure the CO2 gas has not been released.

CO2 Fire extinguishers Maintenance

Your team can contact ERF Group at any time to ensure that all maintenance is carried out in accordance with the procedures laid out in SANS 1475.


Your CENTA Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguisher products may only be serviced by registered SAQCC-Fire 1475 competent persons and of course we will be able to assist with the servicing and servicing intervals to comply with SANS 1475 requirements.

  1. It is recommended that you check the weight at monthly intervals which will ensure that the charge is still in the unit.
  2. Refill a CO2 fire extinguisher in the event of a partial discharge.
  3. Never allow the valve thread to cross-thread with the cylinder thread.
  4. Use thread tape and DO NOT use a product similar to Loctite on the valve thread.
  5. When working on a CO2 fire extinguisher you should never point the discharge horn towards yourself or any other person.

Anyone operating a fire extinguisher should always wear safety glasses and use with caution.


You will need all the following tools to assist in the productive servicing of CENTA CO2 fire extinguishers:

    • Valve spanner to remove the valve from the cylinder
    • No 10 spanner to remove the burst disc cap
    • No 27 spanner to remove the hose connector

For 2kg Product Spec sheets and documentation please visit Centa 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguishers documents.
For 5kg Product Spec sheets and documentation please visit Centa 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher documents.



2.0kg Aluminium, 2.0kg Light Alloy, 5.0kg Aluminium, 5.0kg Light Alloy

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